There are few things in human life that are more essential than food.

In the United States and right here at home In Kentuckiana, 1 out of every 4 children lives in a household with food insecurity, which means they have no idea where their next meal will come from or when their next chance to eat will come. Insufficient nutrition puts children at risk for illness and a list of other issues that will affect not only their success in school but their lives. Poor nutrition and the lack of food will affect their cognitive and behavioral development. Children from food insecure households are likely to be behind in their academic development compared to other children which ultimately makes it difficult for them to reach the same level of development as their fellow food secure peers.

 When you are hungry you can’t think of anything else! How can children focus on solving a math problem or being a positive force in the community when they are trying to ignore the persistent pangs of hunger? You may be able to survive without a home. You can live without a fancy car. But you cannot survive without food. Without proper nutrition a child’s future physical and mental health, academic achievement and economic productivity are threatened.

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These staggering statistics are more than numbers.

One affirmation of this epidemic for us came in the form of a small voice from a six year old boy from La Grange, Kentucky who whispered to his teacher his remedy for hunger during the weekend when he did not have food. He said he ate paper. He explained if he ate enough paper it stopped the pain of hunger.

They are the proof that we must step up and help our most vulnerable citizens in need. I am asking for you help and it will not cost you a dime. I need your favorite, healthy family recipe that is easy to fix and family fun. With your help and your recipe we will have a “Recipe to End Hunger” and a cookbook to raise funds for the JCPS Backpack Program. I am asking you to send me your favorite simple and healthy recipes for the JCPS recipe book to be sold to fund the JCPS Backpack Program. The JCPS Backpack Program will provide elementary school children who are on the Federal free and reduced price meal program with a backpack of food to take home for each weekend of the school year. Some schools are able to do this for some school children and some are not because the backpack programs are not free to the schools. Many schools secure sponsorships but often even those company sponsorships do not cover all the children in need in their building. We want “all” children in need to have “what” they need at all the elementary schools. The program does cost and most schools do not have the extra funds to pay for it.

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Join Dawne Gee and The Recipe To End Hunger Family at Jazz On The River 2019! 

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With this new cookbook “A Recipe to End Hunger” community members can help each school raise the funds needed to feed every child in need. Sponsors can handle any additional funds. With the purchase of each cookbook will also be the possibility to win three locally donated prizes for supporting the program.

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